Mr. William Zhong

Issuing time:2020-05-08 11:44

Mr. William Zhong, Co-founding Chairman

Born in the 1980s, Mr. Zhong Xueyong is a young entrepreneur - the co-founder and CEO of a number of corporations such as China Wantian International Group Limited and WG Sky Farm International Group Limited (WG Group). He is also aproud owner of multiple honourable titles, such as Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-MacauGreater Brea Youth Society; Executive Chairman Of Zhongshan Hakka Chamber Commerce, Honorable President of Zhongshan Heyuan Chamber Commerce; Honorable Permanent President of   Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Association of Youth Entrepreneurs Federation Limited .

WG Group has already evolved into a sophisticated enterprise consisting of four core business units: city rejuvenation, innovative retail, high-tech farming and daily vegetable baskets.There are currently over 10 subsidiaries under the group, many of which are planning to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Withholding the development belief of “stemming from livelihood, realizing your dream lifestyle”, WG Group has been deeply rooted in the GBA since establishment, striving to resolve social issues by its outside-the-box business philosophy and by doing so, become asocially-conscious corporation ensuring food safety while driving the city’s economy.

“Never forget the ones who contribute to your accomplishments” is one of Mr. Zhong’s values. He brings his innovative mindset to his philanthropic involvements, making giving back to society one of his daily habits and duties. To date, WG Group has donated over 13 million RMB to disadvantaged communities and has organized over 100 charity events, benefitingover 100,000 individuals. In 2018, Mr. Zhong has become the Permanent Honourable President of Zhongshan Charity Association Limited and in the following year, he has been appointed as Operation Smile’s Charity Ambassadorof Greater China. To him, rather than gold bars, it takes simply a heart ofgold to become a philanthropist; he also believes that an enterprise shouldcarry patriotic spirit, and there exists mutual prosperity between a businessand its home country.

Together with Mr. Eric Hooy, Mr. Zhong co-founded WG Sky Farm International Group Limited and through their synergized effort, the Group aims to relieve various social issues and pain points; by supplying quality and safe vegetables to communities, he hopes to improve everyone’s health and wellness, and eventually, make the Earth greener for many generations to come. The initiative might sound humble but to him, it could make a big difference to others - and that’s why he’s always been working so hard in fulfilling his dream.

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