Mr. Vincent Cheung,Standing Committee Member

Issuing time:2020-05-08 11:43

Mr. Vincent Cheung,Standing Committee Member

Mr. Vincent Cheung is the Executive Director of the Hong Kong LermondGroup and the Partner of Dongguan Zhongyuan Lermond Environment-ProtectionCo. Ltd. He is a registered member of the Association of Building Engineers inthe UK and also holds an additional series of professional qualifications.Making use of his strong infrastructure background, he drives Lermond Group’sprovisions of one-stop solutions for building renovations and support for realestate development.

As a Hakka Chinese, Mr. Cheung has strong and affectionate ties with hismotherland; he has been appointed a number of public roles in Hong Kong andMainland China, such as The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferencein Meizhou, committee member of the Hong Kong Government Building Department,Honorary President of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area YouthSociety, member of the Heung Yee Guk N.T, and the Honorary Chairman of the HongKong (International) Realty Association, etc.

Moving forward, Lermond Group’s business is poised to develop further inkey cities across the Greater Bay Area while expanding its overseas markets, inhopes to shine even brighter in future.

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