Prof. Alice Chiu, BBS, JP, Honorary Life President

Issuing time:2020-05-08 11:42

Prof. Alice Chiu, BBS, JP, Honorary Life President

Renowned as “Queen of Charity”, Prof. Alice Chiu has been devoting herself to charity for more than 40 years, raising a total ofmore than one billion RMB.

Her extraordinary achievements have earned her 26 honourable titles and awards thus far, including “Justice of the Peace” and “World’s Outstanding Chinese Award”. She is also the Foundation Chairman of Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Chairman of Operation Smile Greater China, Co-founder of Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation, Director of Peking University Education Foundation and the Founding Chairman of Greater China Culture Global Association.

For the past 20 years, Prof. Chiu has been supporting many charitable organizations, such as the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Marrow Match Foundation, Yan Chai Hospital, etc. She is also the main driver behind the Sheen Hok Rainbow Amblyopia Project and Operation Smile. Seeing children recovering from treatments with their happy smiles while feeling the gratitude from their parents are the motivation for her dedication to philanthropic works during the past decades.

Prof. Chiu has always been committed to promoting charitable developments in various aspects. For education, she has established eight schools in remote villages in China in the name of Sheen Hok New Hope Schools, funded the establishment of Louis Chiu Arts Building at Zhaoqing University, and supported over 100 orphans and underprivileged children with scholarships, allowing them to continue their studies.

For healthcare, she has financed the establishment of nine early childcare centres and co-organized 100 more in China, all striving to provide basic medical services and hygiene training such as disease prevention, dental and orthopaedic care to new borns, children and pregnant women. Meanwhile, she also supports the provision of further training to local doctors.

In elderly care, she sponsored the establishment of two elderly centres located in Tuen Mun and Shatin respectively, serving atotal of over 2,800 senior members; in terms of specialist training, she has organized a number of symposiums led by ophthalmology experts from Hong Kong and overseas to train up hundreds of ophthalmologists and healthcare professionals.

In recent years, Prof. Chiu has been paying attention to the situation of Hong Kong’s children with special education needs (SEN) and their families. She spent nearly two years researching about issues of children with SEN, communicating and coordinating with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, medical team and healthcare staff, in hopes of rolling out a comprehensive programme of services for SEN children in need. Thanks to the hard work from Prof. Chiu and various parties, "Sheen Hok Rising Sun Project" was finally launched in 2019.

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