Mr. Eric Hooy

Issuing time:2020-05-08 11:39

Mr. Eric Hooy, Founding President

A second-generation Chinese-born Singaporean, Mr. Eric Hooy is theco-founder of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd (Perfect). He is currently theVice-Chairman of Perfect, an enterprise specializing in health food,kitchenware, cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products for over 25 years.Adopting the strategy of “China as the springboard to the world,” the companyhas expanded globally, offering its products and services in Mainland China,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and othercountries. To date, Perfect has paid a total of over 35 billion RMB of taxes toChina, making a huge contribution to the nation’s economy and society.

Apart from being the Honorary Chairman of Zhongshan Association ofSingapore, Mr. Hooy also takes up various leadership roles for other businessessuch as the Director of China Wantian International Group, Wangu Sky FarmInternational Group Limited and Singapore Yuanli Group. Not only does hehave rich experience in business management and market expansion, but he isalso a devoted philanthropist, realizing dreams for countless underprivilegedindividuals, which earns him respect from all sectors of society.

Mr. Hooy is a strong believer in working for good causes. Over the past20 years, he has donated blood 26 times, giving over 8000ml of blood; he hasalso actively advocated blood donation to those around him. To date, Perfect’sstaff has accumulated a stunning record of over 280,000 blood donations,contributing over 71 million ml of blood. The enterprise now proudly owns 32voluntary blood donation teams, with 5 people successfully donatinghematopoietic stem cells.   

As China stipulates the maximum age of blood donation at 60 years old,Mr. Hooy made his final blood donation in 2018. Charity in action,however,   has no age restrictions, so he decided to commence his “seconddonation life” by founding Wangu Sky Farm, which bears the mission of growingthe world’s best organic vegetables so that everyone gets to enjoy fresh andsafe produce, whilst fulfilling his on-going dream of helping others to stayhealthy for life.

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