Dato’Woo Swee Lian, Honorary President

Issuing time:2020-05-08 11:30

Dato’Woo Swee Lian, Honorary President

Dato’Woo Swee Lian is a well-known Malaysian Chinese entrepreneur who has richexperience in direct marketing and motivational training. He used to own hugesales teams in many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada, andIndonesia and is also holding a number of positions, namely Committee Member ofthe China Women Development Foundation (CWDF), Founding President of TsinghuaPresident of Asia-Pacific Business Association, Executive Chairman of theTsinghua Alumni Association for CEOs, Executive Vice Chairman of BeijingAssociation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Honorary Chairman of theGuangdong Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce and the Vice President of Zhong ShanCharity Association.

Dato’Woo is a long-term participant of the “Water Cellar for Mothers” project. Hehas made numerous visits to the beneficiary areas of the project to ensure thatall the drinking water facility constructions are indeed helping those who livein the arid regions across Western China. Together with Perfect’s managementand staff, they have cumulatively donated 40 million RMB to date, helping some30,666 people from 26 prefectures in provinces of Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi,Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia to resolve their poor access to drinkingwater. In recognition of his outstanding efforts both internationally and Chinato raise funds for the CWDF’s “Water Cellar for Mothers” Project, Dato’ Woo washonored with the title “Water Cellar for Mothers Ambassador”. Dato’ Woo says,“It costs 1,000 dollars to construct a water cellar in China. With thisinvestment of 1,000 dollars, the clean water source will be secured, which isessential for growing crops, raising farm animals, which brings income andeventually, driving the area’s economy.”

“Since the inception of ‘Water Cellar forMothers’, 120,000 rainwater cellars have been constructed in 23 provinces andcities throughout the arid regions in Western China; there are more than 1,300small-scale centralized water supply projects, benefiting 1.6 million people.Just in Sichuan, we’ve already donated 30 million dollars to areas affected bythe earthquake, setting up a permanent, earthquake-resistant “Project Hope ''school in Wujiao, Jiuzhaigou County, establishing Xuankou Hospital in WenchuanCounty, as well as setting up other “Project Hope” schools and supporting othercharity works.”

Dato’Woo has also been granted the title of “Honorary Citizen” by the Zhongshan Cityof Guangdong Province, Jingle County of Shanxi Province, Liulin County ofShanxi Province and Chaoyang County of Liaoning Province.

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