Webinar Series

Webinar Series

11 June 2021


Webinar Series: Opportunities and Challenges in the Greater Bay Area - Using Big Data and to Cooperate with the Chinese Mainland Government Policies

Date: 11 June 2021 (Friday)

Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Language: Cantonese

FREE of charge.

Register now: shorturl.at/bksA5

GBA Innovation Summit

GBA Innovation Summit

25th May 2021


*JOIN US for the GBA Innovation Summit on 25th May*

The *GBA Innovation Summit* is one of the Main Events of the *StartmeupHK Festival in 2021* which will be taking place on *25th May VIRTUALLY*. Being the Largest Festival in Hong Kong about Innovation, the StartmeupHK Festival had *180,000+ attendees* from *97 countries* participated in 2020. To ensure the best experience for all participants from the world, the Summit will provide *simultaneous interpretation in both Mandarin and English*

The GBA Innovation Summit aims to provide a glimpse of the unleashed potentials and developments in GBA where the region has contributed 13% (~US1.6 trillion) of the GDP in China from only 5% of the China population.

By bringing together the business leaders, innovators, investors, government officials and renowned researchers from Hong Kong, China and the international community, The Summit will discuss and debate on the most exciting issues and trends in the region.

For More information, please visit: https://www.gbainnovation.info

Get your tickets NOW: https://register.eventx.io/e063ed63-5fb5-4b85-814a-49cca1d965b0?locale=en

Complete the form   and will obtain a promotional code to join the Summit for FREE; limited quota.

Enquiries on application for promotional code: info@icf-gba.org

If you have any inquiries about the summit, please contact: info@tuspark.com.hk or +852 2341 4922