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Federation sets up regional headquarters in Hong Kong to foster ties in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
【The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region】Press Release: The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Industry and Commerce Federation announced today (January 7) that its regional headquarters in Hong Kong is up and running, making use of the city's strategic location to boost industrial, business and trade exchanges and collaboration in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
Federation sets up regional headquarters in Hong Kong to foster ties in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
【Invest Hong Kong】Press Release: The Federation aims to assist companies to make good use of the complementary advantages of the three places and tap the new opportunities arising from the Bay Area. Through a wide range of activities including forums, seminars, talent matching programmes and more, the Federation works to enhance co-operation among different sectors in the Bay Area. Companies that enrol as members will have access to the latest economic and market information of the Bay Area, plus extensive business networking and global market opportunities...
Mission and Vision
The establishment of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) is China’s major developmental strategy for the new era. While it means a lot for the nation’s long-standing “reform and opening-up” policy and drives of innovation, the GBA also fuels up the industrial and commercial sectors across the 11 constituent cities by bringing in enormous business opportunities.
Founded by business leaders and community elites, the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area Industry and Commerce Federation (the Federation) is a platform for industrial, business and trade exchanges, helping enterprises to seize the untapped opportunities arising from the area. The Federation aims to further enhance cooperation in the GBA, facilitate deep integration of the three regions by fully utilizing their complementary advantages, so that economic development can be achieved synergistically.
It also helps connect enterprises to international markets, thus expanding GBA's network locally and globally, making the cluster of cities and the entire area a world-renowned metropolitan business hub.
The Federation aims to become a leading, influential network which closely connects the 11 cities across GBA and by becoming so, contribute to China's development.
An industry and commerce platform gathering elites
Expand business opportunities and assist with stock listing
Connect with community and share fruits of success

Collaborate for mutual accomplishments
seize the possibilities
Establish a platform for industrial, business and trade exchanges across
GBA; a hub comprising top entrepreneurs and professionals of all sectors which promotes circulation of market insights and talents.

Help members with stock listing procedures in Hong Kong and fundraising; explore global business opportunities by facilitating connections and collaborations among entrepreneurs, professionals and financial institutions
Be an active participant of social initiatives across the GBA; caring about the sustainable development of communities and sharing fruits of success
Maximize the win-win outcomes of collaborations among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau; promote the development of GBA by identifying opportunities for enterprises while strengthening business connections
Founding Members

Mr. Eric Hooy, Founding President

A second-generation Chinese-born Singaporean, Mr. Eric Hooy is theco-founder of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd (Perfect). He is currently theVice-Chairman of Perfect, an enterprise specializing in health food,kitchenware, cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products for over 25 years.Adopting the strategy of “China as the springboard to the world,” the companyhas expanded globally, offering its products and services in Mainland China,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and othercountries. To date, Perfect has paid a total of over 35 billion RMB of taxes toChina, making a huge contribution to the nation’s economy and society.

Apart from being the Honorary Chairman of Zhongshan Association ofSingapore, Mr. Hooy also takes up various leadership roles for other businessessuch as the Director of China Wantian International Group, Wangu Sky FarmInternational Group Limited and Singapore Yuanli Group. Not only does hehave rich experience in business management and market expansion, but he isalso a devoted philanthropist, realizing dreams for countless underprivilegedindividuals, which earns him respect from all sectors of society.

Mr. Hooy is a strong believer in working for good causes. Over the past20 years, he has donated blood 26 times, giving over 8000ml of blood; he hasalso actively advocated blood donation to those around him. To date, Perfect’sstaff has accumulated a stunning record of over 280,000 blood donations,contributing over 71 million ml of blood. The enterprise now proudly owns 32voluntary blood donation teams, with 5 people successfully donatinghematopoietic stem cells.   

As China stipulates the maximum age of blood donation at 60 years old,Mr. Hooy made his final blood donation in 2018. Charity in action,however,   has no age restrictions, so he decided to commence his “seconddonation life” by founding Wangu Sky Farm, which bears the mission of growingthe world’s best organic vegetables so that everyone gets to enjoy fresh andsafe produce, whilst fulfilling his on-going dream of helping others to stayhealthy for life.


Mr. William Zhong Xue Yong, Co-founding Chairman

Born in the 1980s, Mr. Zhong Xueyong is a young entrepreneur - the co-founder and CEO of a number of corporations such as China Wantian International Group Limited and WG Sky Farm International Group Limited (WG Group). He is also a proud owner of multiple honourable titles, such as Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Brea Youth Society; Executive Chairman Of Zhongshan Hakka Chamber Commerce, Honorable President of Zhongshan Heyuan Chamber Commerce; Honorable Permanent President of   Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Association of Youth Entrepreneurs Federation Limited .

WG Group has already evolved into asophisticated enterprise consisting of four core business units: city rejuvenation, innovative retail, high-tech farming and daily vegetable baskets.There are currently over 10 subsidiaries under the group, many of which areplanning to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Withholding the development belief of “stemming from livelihood, realizing your dream lifestyle”, WG Group has been deeplyrooted in the GBA since establishment, striving to resolve social issues by its outside-the-box business philosophy and by doing so, become asocially-conscious corporation ensuring food safety while driving the city’s economy.

“Never forget the ones who contribute to your accomplishments” is one of Mr. Zhong’s values. He brings his innovative mind set to his philanthropic involvements, making giving back to society one of hisdaily habits and duties. To date, WG Group has donated over 13 million RMB to disadvantaged communities and has organized over 100 charity events, benefitingover 100,000 individuals. In 2018, Mr. Zhong has become the Permanent Honourable President of Zhongshan Charity Association Limited and in the following year, he has been appointed as Operation Smile’s Charity Ambassad or of Greater China. To him, rather than gold bars, it takes simply a heart ofgold to become a philanthropist; he also believes that an enterprise shouldcarry patriotic spirit, and there exists mutual prosperity between a business and its home country.

Together with Mr. Eric Hooy, Mr. Zhong co-founded WG Sky Farm International Group Limited and through their synergized effort, the Group aims to relieve various social issues and pain points; by supplying quality and safe vegetables to communities, he hopes to improve everyone’s health and wellness, and eventually, make the Earth greener for many generations to come. The initiative might sound humble but to him, it could make a big difference to others - andthat’s why he’s always been working so hard in fulfilling his dream.

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